What we do

DECAR conducts fundamental and applied research on state estimation (navigation), guidance, and control. Problems in air, ground, marine, space, and manipulator robotics are of particular interest to the group.

State Estimation (Navigation)

  • Nonlinear state estimation

    • Kalman-like filters (e.g., extended Kalman filters, sigma point Kalman filters)

    • Batch methods

    • Nonlinear deterministic observers

  • Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)

  • Estimation of systems with matrix Lie group states

  • Constrained state estimation

  • Machine-learning-based approaches to enhance navigation


  • Extremum seeking guidance

  • Guidance of systems with matrix Lie group states


  • Robust control

  • Optimal control

  • Controller synthesis via linear matrix inequalities (LMIs)

  • Gain-scheduled control

  • Input-output stability analysis and control

    • Conic-sector-based control

    • Passivity-based control

    • Negative imaginary systems and their control

  • Control of systems with matrix Lie group states

Robotics and Aerospace Engineering Applications

  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

    • Multicoptor and fixed-wing UAVs

    • Flexible aircraft

  • Autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs)

  • Autonomous ground vehicles (AGVs)

    • Rail vehicles

    • On- and off-road vehicles

    • Spherical (rolling) robots

  • Flexible robotic manipulators

  • Spacecraft

    • Magnetic attitude control

    • Flexible spacecraft and flexible space structures

  • Cable-actuated robots

    • Parallel cable-actuated robots

    • Wind-energy-harvesting kites

  • System identification of vehicles


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